FINALIST SPOTLIGHT: Chisago Lakes Area, Minnesota

The Team from Chisago Lakes jumped right back into action after being named Top 8 in the America’s Best Communities competition. Implementing our economic revitalization plans over the next 10 months is going to be a monumental effort, starting with a few specific areas:

Branding and Marketing
A Chisago Lakes logo and brand guide is complete. This new logo will help people identify with the area, injecting a stronger sense of pride and togetherness. We are in the home stretch to publishing the new Chisago Lakes website, providing a one-stop shop for area information and events.

Broadband Access
Wi-Fi and videoconference center locations are under discussion, and we’ve begun having conversations with providers to ensure that broadband improvements meet community needs and state goals. Broadband upgrades have been delayed, but are scheduled for completion this year.

The Broadband Summit back on May 26 showcased presentations by federal, state and local officials along with telecom providers. The discussion was active and valuable! E-commerce seminars continue, including a Social Media Breakfast held on June 21. An intern is helping local businesses get on Google Maps. So far, more than 100 businesses and local attractions have been added. This will go a long way in helping us promote the great aspects of the Chisago Lakes area.

Chisago MN (1)

Workforce of the Future
The School District is leading this initiative with goals to increase participation in its on-the-job training program and manufacturing tours. Trade school scholarships were awarded for the first time this spring, and we’re excited to see how they continue to grow.