Today we hosted our final Community of the Month webinar. The Chisago Lakes Area, Minnesota team shared stories of inspiration, success and challenge.

“Many, many times people said let’s work together, let’s do things together. But ultimately it’s been the ABC competition that has really made that happen… We’ve really seen ABC take hold in our community and get people to work on six big project areas.” Bill Coleman from the team shares with us during the webinar.

We also shared two important updates during the webinar.

First, the ABC Final Report online submission form is now available in the Finalist Portal. You can now begin building your ABC Final Report by completing each of its six (6) components. You can save a draft as you go along and until you are ready to submit. Please be reminded that we will only accept your ABC Final Report through the online submission form and not in any other format. It is due on or before March 29, 2017 by 12:00 pm Pacific Time.

If you are interested, you can book a fifteen (15) minute appointment on March 22, 2017, Wednesday, with the ABC Team to consult with us on your ABC Final Report. Click on this LINK to book your appointment.

Second, Christy Reap, Frontier Communications representative and ABC host, shared with us that the ABC Grand Prize Event will now be hosted in Denver, Colorado on April 19, 2017. We are lucky enough to have our co-sponsors, Dish and CoBank, located very close to each other in the Denver Tech corridor and they have been very gracious to invite us to celebrate onsite.

The program will remain the same, with each of the Great ABC 8 doing fifteen (15) minute presentations. We appreciate your patience as we continue to plan logistics and book travel. We will have more details for you soon.

Lastly, here is a LINK to the webinar recording if you missed it or would like to listen to it again.