March Webinar: Pitch Building Blocks

Today was the third and final webinar of the Semi-Finalist Webinar Series and focused on pitch building blocks.

Here you can find a recording of the March webinar [Link] along with the PDF presentation [Link]. Additionally, you can find the two previous webinar recordings and PDF presentations on the ABC blog.

During the webinar we highlighted four different examples of presentations to serve as inspiration for various pitch building blocks. Some of these videos are rather long so we’ve provided a link that jumps to a particular portion of the presentation that aligns with the building block. Although if you feel inspired, by all means watch the full videos at your leisure.

Please mark your calendars for office hours coming up Thursday, March 10, 2-3pm Eastern and Thursday, April 7, 2-3pm Eastern. Office hours provide an opportunity for teams to ask questions directly related to the ABC Summit and the requirements of the competition. We’ll provide a conference number where you can simply dial in and ask your questions.

You can always contact us with any questions at We are standing by to support you.