Bedford Township, MI
  • 31,222 Population
  • 39.3 Square Miles
  • 777 Businesses

A Fun Fact About
Bedford Township, MI

Most are familiar with the Michigan-Ohio football rivalry, an intense but usually friendly contest that stretches back over one hundred years. Yet far fewer may know that in the early nineteenth century Michigan and Ohio were locked in a different kind of battle—one that began before Michigan became a state.

The conflict started with a long-simmering dispute over a narrow wedge of land called the Toledo Strip. Early maps were famously imprecise, adding to the uncertainty of the true boundary between the states. When Ohio claimed the mouth of the Maumee River, land that according to the Northwest Ordinance of 1787 fell in the territory of Michigan, the "Toledo War" began.

Today the fight may bring a smile to Michiganders and Ohioans because both states benefited: Ohioans won the war and Michigan got the Upper Peninsula. But back then passions about rightful ownership ran high, and it would take many years—and colorful personalities all the way up to presidents—to settle the dispute.