Sturgis, MI
  • 10,951 Population
  • 6.49 Square Miles
  • 962 Businesses

A Fun Fact About
Sturgis, MI

The City of Sturgis is rumored to have been named because of a pan of biscuits. John Sturgis settled in the area, and his wife baked a pan of biscuits and sent them with a surveying party including Lewis Cass. Years later, when it came time to name the growing town, Governor Cass remembered the biscuits and insisted on the name of Sturigs instead of Sherman or Ivanhoe, the names given to the two sections of the town at that time.

Three Rivers and Sturgis areas have a long standing relationship of collaboration and learning from each other. Since both communities are submitting applications, we look forward to the chance of some friendly competition and promoting each other!