Greensburg, IN
  • 11,808 Population
  • 9.27 Square Miles
  • 1036 Businesses

A Fun Fact About
Greensburg, IN

Early in the 1870s, citizens noticed what seemed to be a small sprig on the northwest corner of the Courthouse tower. Soon it became evident that the small sprig was growing. Residents regarded the growth as a rare freak of nature. That explanation was quickly refuted by the appearance of more sprouts on the tower. Finally, five were counted, making a grove growing at an altitude 110 feet above the courthouse lawn level. County officials became fearful the trees might cause permanent damage to the tower roof. In 1888, a steeplejack was employed to help workers ascend the building and remove some of the shrubs. Of the two remaining, one attained a height of about 15 feet and diameter of almost five inches at the base. As trees endured the community became famous.