Macon County, NC
  • 66,901 Population
  • 1550 Square Miles
  • 1828 Businesses

A Fun Fact About
Macon County, NC

In 1784, four counties in western North Carolina declared their independence as the State of Franklin. In defiance of Congress, Franklin survived as an independent nation for four years with its own constitution, Indian treaties and legislated a system of barter in lieu of currency; but after only two years, North Carolina established its own parallel government in the region. Finally, Franklin’s weak economy forced its governor, John Sevier, to approach the Spanish for aid. North Carolina, terrified of having a Spanish client state on its border, arrested Sevier. When Cherokee, Chickamauga and Chickasaw began to attack settlements within Franklin’s borders in 1788, the State of Franklin quickly rejoined North Carolina to gain its militia’s protection from attack.     

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