Oak Harbor, WA
  • 21,860 Population
  • 9.42 Square Miles
  • 1513 Businesses

A Fun Fact About
Oak Harbor, WA

FACT: Oak Harbor has a lot of FUN recreational things to do, in addition to hiking, beachcombing and boating. The City hosts a number of premier regional and national recreational events every year that are a lot of FUN, including the Whidbey Marathon and Half Marathon (over 15,000 participants), the Hydroplane Races (over 12,000 spectators), and Whidbey Island Race Week (over 50 boats from the Pacific Northwest, with crew and spectators). Smaller but very popular events include the Around Whidbey sailboat race, the San Juan 21 and 24 (sailboat) Nationals, and the North Whidbey Car Show.

We are only allowed one “FUN” fact, so do not read this one, please – “Seacaptain Edward Barrington and Charlie Phillips opened a trading post at Oak Harbor in the early 1850s because he did not want to paddle a canoe two days to Olympia for supplies. Barrington became an important intermediary between whites and Indians when disputes arose. Local legend holds that Barrington, a large man with red hair and beard, confronted a group of raiding Northern Indians. Barrington showed the invaders his fear of no one by destroying a nearby Skagit burial canoe and placing a skull on a stick. He then began to dance and then rushed the raiders. They fled in panic and Barrington saved himself and local Skagits from death and enslavement. Northern Indians never again bothered Oak Harbor.”
--- Courtesy HistoryLink.org and David Wilma.